Jethro was a young man who loved to venture out into the wild. He went from land to land sneaking on ships when he could. When he always got home his father would scold him and beat him senseless for running away and giving his mother a freight. This went on for many years as it was accustomed for Jethro to do.

When he found himself to be about 20 summers old he bought himself his first ship, she was not in wonderful shape. So until he had enough coins to fix her he started out working for this farmer and that merchant until he finally got enough coins together. He paid a ship builder to fix her and he did so, even taught Jethro how to work on his own ship.

Jethro learned all the in and outs of being on the ship until one day this man came up to him. He loved Jethro’s ship and offered him more money then what it was worth. Jethro agreed to the terms and went out on the thassa to learn a thing or two from the man. The mans name was Jack Spirto, and he was a good captain, they named the ship the maddened pearl for everyone on it seemed to go mad at one time or another.

Years passed and Jethro was in his late 30s by now. The captain had taught Jethro all that he knew, and was showing Jethro the in and outs of being a pirate. they had raided many lands and caught many a ships to add to their fleet. One day the old captain fell ill and died suddenly, he was like a father to Jethro. The man was buried at sea as it would be pleasing for him. Jethro kept going from port to port feeling people out, gathering a crew together.

One day he saw this woman who captured his eye, she was snow white with red lips. He had to have her, so he paid the tavern keeper for her and fucked her relentless. 9 months later he was told that a son was born to him. He went back to the port and killed the woman for lying to him. He took Auron and went to the sea teaching him everything that he knew. By this time the boy and man had grown, they were together for so many years.

They traveled up north taking a hunch that something was there, and they rescued this woman. She had the strangest eyes to Jethro and drove him mad. He agreed to allow her onto his ship while they traveled down south. Many nights he would toss and turn dreaming of her, wanting to taste her skin, she drove him mad. So he came out to call his crew the Mad Corsairs from that day onward.


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